Do You Believe in Ghosts... YES!
Season 1, Episode 5
Do You Believe in Ghosts... YES!
Original Airdate October 2, 2012
Production Code 105
Bench-Clearing Bawl Big League Chew

"Do You Believe in Ghosts... YES!" is the fifth episode of the first season of Go On. It aired October 2, 2012


Ryan has a visitor from another dimension...


Months after his wife's death, Ryan sees an apparition of Janie in his kitchen. His Transitions groups tells him that it is a common experience and that he should heed her wisdom next time she appears. The next day, she tells him to go grocery shopping. He does but is unaware of what to do with the seemingly random ingredients he grabbed so he has Fausta prepare him a meal. Janie tells him that he has to cook for himself. Ryan finally realizes that if he starts taking care of himself, he'll be admitting she's dead, and it's time to move on - that's why her ghost has been showing up.

Ryan cooks a whole turkey and eats it while playing video games with Steven.



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