Ryan King
Ryan King
Physical Description
Gender: Male

Janie King (wife/deceased)


Lauren Schneider

Occupation: Sportscaster
Affiliation: Transitions
Show Information
First Appearance: Pilot
No. Episodes: 4
Portrayed By: Matthew Perry

Ryan King is a sportscaster for a hit talk radio show who joins the Transitions support group while trying to move on from his late wife's death.

Ryan King is portrayed by Matthew Perry and is the main character of Go On.


Ryan King is a successful sports radio host who works for his best friend, Steven. He is a naturally competitive person and enjoys making a game out of everything he does.

Character historyEdit

Ryan's wife died in a car accident and Ryan took a month off work to gather himself. His boss and friend Steven required him to take ten hours of group counseling at Transitions before returning to work. Ryan turned the first group session into a "March Sadness" bracket, comparing his fellow therapy-goers woes against each other. When the group leader Lauren Bennett arrived, he talked her into signing his paper so he wouldn't disrupt any more, believing he had already healed emotionally. After finding out that he was still internally mourning, he returned to the group. ("Pilot")

A man of action, Ryan tried to encourage his Transition-mates to give each other advice. He encouraged Sonia to dump her boyfriend and buy a cat to keep her company. Sonia adopted dozens of cats and Ryan and the rest of the group helped ween her off the pets. Ryan also helped George come to terms with a missing signed basketball by taking him to a LA Lakers game, sitting court side. Ryan internally struggled with loneliness at home by making his assistant Carrie spend time with him. The come to an agreement that she will check in on him but he will not overrun her life. ("He Got Game, She Got Cats")

Ryan orders a Porsche and Steven thinks that it is to deal with his grief. Steven tries to be friendly and emotional with Ryan, which Ryan finds bizarre. At the group session, Ryan opts out of their monthly night out as he is ashamed of being seen with the Transitions group. He also struggles with waking up at 1:23am since the death of his wife. He realizes that his therapy-mates are actually his friends so he decides to visit their bowling party and let them drive his Porsche. They later visit him at 1:23am (as does Steven) for a vigil for Ryan's late wife and to keep him company. ("There's No "Ryan" In Team")


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